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VOlkswagen of Fort Myers, Florida - worst auto repair ever -- brought my car in for a major tune up-- drove about 4 miles when the front bottom pan fell off the car on a 6 lane thorughfare in traffic -- Found out they didnt bolt the thing back on - I called them & their only response was that the service desk was closed - call back in the morning - I was stuck on the road 30 miles from home with an undrivable car & they wouldnt even call a tow truck for me - They were completely unresponsive & unapologetic. The GM insisted I had hit something & was lying about their being responsible for the damage to my car, even though there were Police witnesses.

The following day I brought the car in again & they tried to just stick the broken part back on my car. They were more concerned about the fact that I expressed my dissatisfaction with them than the fact that their incompetence & negligence had left a woman on the road at night alone

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Thank you for the heads up. I live in Cleveland Ohio but was considering purchasing a new VW to replace our Toyota.

Maybe Honda is the better choice. The service on a car is as important as the car itself in my book.

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