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This is not want I was told of VW this is just not how you keep a customer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

I am still very irritated with the level of service I have experienced through calling Volkswagen Customer Care. I hope that this will be resolved quickly and to both mine and my husband's satisfaction. The concept of having to wait up to four hours for a tow truck while my eight month old daughter is waiting with me in the 97 degree heat is preposterous. It is just good thinking on my part to call the dealership before arriving, because the person I talked to with Volkswagen Roadside Assistance did absolutely nothing to make sure that myself, my daughter, and my mother were taken care of. 

Both myself and my husband have explained this situation to multiple Volkswagen employees, and still we have yet to receive an adequate response. Pete's offer to pay half of the rental car fee and the entire tow fee is nice, but it is merely a start. I sincerely hope that another mother doesn't have to go through this situation, particularly since the summer heat is no place for an infant to be in. Attention to (1) the level of customer service through Volkswagen Roadside Assistance, (2) service technicians still being on hand while the dealership is still "open," (3) loaner car availability, and (4) trip interruption policies would merely be a good start. 

I should have been told that Volkswagen does not pay for rental cars unless it occurs under trip interruption. I also should have been told that the car has to break down over 100 miles from home. The way that policy reads, I could drive home (to south Louisiana) from Washington State, and as long as my car breaks down within 100 miles of my home, Volkswagen is not liable for the rental car. My car is my only mode of transportation back and forth to work for both myself and my husband. 

The offer to pay half of the rental car fee and the entire tow fee is merely a STARTand in no way everything I wanted to make this work but I don't have the luxury of being able to stand on my principals as I have a 8 mouths old little girl to thank about so because of that my wife mind you said that's a START!!!!! But in now way is it over I am not stopping tell I have evidence that this matter has bin taking care of and I don't just mean my money I am out but the not responsible 100 miles from home if I'm not driving my everyday to work the store or anywhere else in town it's a tripe for me this needs 110% of all of your prompt attention.!!!!! I am disgusted with the experiences I have had so far in regards to this issue. Only one person I talked to has even tried to be reasonable and understanding. By the way, telling an irate customer that you have no control over that is a rather silly way to approach a complaint. By the time that most customers feel the need to complain "I have no control over that" is simply an unacceptable answer. 

Your prompt attention to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Dustin Moss

Po box 582 Amelia LA 70340

I have lost all faith in VW as of now until you'll can give me a reason in a timely manner and fix the problem and you're flows I have no choice but to use everything in my power to blow everything out to social media, network, newspapers, my friends and family members I work with all my combat veterans and any other places that I can make a bad name on VW this game is not what I want

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