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In March 2017 this year I purchase the 2013 Jetta Hybrid the first that went wrong with it was the transmission had to be fix in witch they had the vehicle for over two week, they had no loaners to give so they rented me a car, it took them two weeks to fix the car they had to call in a specialist to fix the car, when they were done with the car they did a upgrade on the computer and wipe out my digital speedometer, my mileage calculator, manual shifter number were your look to see what gear your in, what I asked for them to reinstall it they said they couldn't because they were not using the upgrade anymore, and when I took back the car I hade to pay 186.00 dollars for the rental even thought I have the four star coverage on the car and it should of pay for it, I need my car to work because I work for Uber driver so then I lost two weeks of work, then I took the car in for something else they keep it for two more weeks but gave me a loaner car could not work did not get paid again, then the sun roof fell apart had to order parted for that, then one tire and was bad down to the metal cord that cost me 130,00 dollars then the other side got a bubble in the side wall another 130.00 then found out two of my wheels were bent and I would of know if I hit a pot whole or not, then when it got cold the electric motor would not come on because of the cold, it used when I filled it up one half of a tank on 130 miles, they said that the way it works? so I cant drive it when it get cold????

I went to the sales manager and told what was going on, I just wanted a used car same year but they wanted to sell me a new car, I didn't want a new one, so that takes care of and I missed out of work 6 weeks and now behind on the car payment, I am 68 years old and disable my wife died last year on Christmas eve so I lost her social security and my daughter graduated from high school and lost her money that I was getting so had to go to work, so I can't drive my car when it get cold?????? and the car when your on a hill you take your foot of the break and the car rolls back wards I all ready hit two car that were to close to me, so I told the dealer at Orland Park Volkswagen he did didn't seam to care so what do I do with this car?? by the way the dealer is in Orland Park, IL.

this car sucks and I did like VW had a older Jetta 2,5 loved it. I know this not going to get any were but had to try....

Product or Service Mentioned: 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $22000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Volkswagen Cons: Way i was treaded.

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