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I have a VW Touareg which has now clocked about 50,000 km and is still under warranty until 2018. In the last 21 months, this car has been in the workshop for repairs 9 times – twice due to power steering problem and 7 times due to the engine warning light, which kept alerting me of “problems” every few months again and again.

The local dealer (VW Ali & Sons Abu Dhabi) has tried replacing the ACF canister valve, the charcoal filter, the N80 wiring, the fuel regulator, etc, but the problem kept resurfacing again. I have been told that they will now replace the whole fuel tank and pipes for the car. Will this be the end of my problem? I doubt so, given the past record of one repair every 2.3 months, which is a horrible record for a VW product and service.

I have lost valuable time for work and family because of the problem car. In addition, the recurrent problem has made me nervous and angry, which is not good for my health. After 21 months and 9 repairs, it seems that the local dealer’s approach is to fix my car whenever it’s broken – but this is not good enough because it’s not giving me a permanent solution!

I have told the local importer (AVME-Audi Volkswagen Middle East) that since I was sold a defective car that seems unfixable, then they should at least replace my car with another VW Touareg of similar specification, age, mileage and warranty, but one which has a problem-free record. I am really tired of having to send the car to the workshop every few months and am very disappointed that the local VW dealer and importer have not been able to solve my problem once and for all, despite my numerous complaints.

So I wrote a complaint to VW CEO Matthias Mueller in Germany on 06/03/2016 – but the courier company said that his office refused to receive my letter! What a horrible experience with a problem car and now a car maker who refused to accept a customer complaint.

I have owned Fords, Chevrolets, Nissans and Hyundais before and now also own a Toyota – all of these cars have given me none or very little problem – compared to the VW Touareg which seems to be perpetually problematic! I really regret buying a VW.

Reason of review: Defective car - 9 repairs in 21 months!.

Preferred solution: Please get the local dealer to replace my car with another VW Touareg of similar specs, age, mileage and warranty but one which has a problem-free record.

Volkswagen Pros: Nice car designs.

Volkswagen Cons: Defective car and bad customer service.

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I had a similar issue with my VW. I sent my complaint up to their corporate office who refused to do anything about it, but at least promised to cover current repairs.

So instead I waited until they fixed it, I sold that care to another dealer and never bought another VW. Sorry about your luck, I hope you figure it out.


My car is under warranty until 2018 so they will have to keep fixing it at their cost for the next two years. However since it is a recurrent problem, I have no confidence that they can fix it once and for all.

I thought about selling the car but I will lose about €21,000 and wonder if the person/dealer I sell the car to will come back looking for me when he discovers the problem. The problem is VW and you are right, I'll never buy another VW.

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