Woolloongabba, Queensland

Bought a VW Touareg $75k + it has been a nightmare car, VW are refusing to repair it and keep saying they cant find the faults.

- Windows go up and down on their own,

- sometimes the key jumps out and it wont turn off.

- The rear tail lights fault intermittently ( it spent 8 days in the shop with VW saying it was fine)

- interior ;and foot well lights fall out.

- sticks in second gear

- pain was scratched on delivery, dealer lied and said it would be fixed at first service then lost the paperwork.

- stereo volume doesn't work

- Navigation system is at least 7 years out of date.


VW Australia wont return my calls or emails.

I am so sick mof being stone walled by this poor customer service and avoidance of warranty responsibilities!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Volkswagen Car.

Monetary Loss: $75000.

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I owned two VW's and they were my last! VW's definitely offer a false perception of quality.

If you keep one long enough out of warranty it'll bleep your finances quickly. My 1998 Jetta was a horror show on wheels. I bought the Jetta new and I never once had a vehicle sit in the mechanics repair bay longer than my Jetta. I got rid of it three years later and lost $$$ on that VW.

I bought a used 1998 Ford Taurus that lasted me ten years and 278,000 miles virtually trouble free.

I now drive a 2009 Ford F-150. So far so good.

I have the same nightmares with my 2006 Touareg, V10 Diesel.I only have 50,000 miles on it and from the day I bought it, and the windows failed to roll down, which they still do intermittently although taken to dealerships twelve times for this, I should have given up and sold it back. Most expensive piece of garbage ever sold.

VW has NO ethics or moral responsibility. They should be ashamed for the way they have treated me, and obviously YOU!

The car has never had one day when it has run without incident. The car was in the shop for a total of six months, and Vw even paid $9,000 out of warranty to fix it but not one thing was fixed. I believe the dealership charged VW for repairs never made, as the parts they claimed they replaced were dirty and covered with calcium deposits from external water.

It is an electrical nightmare, bad, failing or overactive sensors, faulty headlights which three dealerships have refused to replace even in light of a lawsuit about it, brakes are bad, transmission is bad, airbag fault, drivetrain fault, engine faults, engine workshop faults, check Every single thing faults, but all so intermittent that it never can be "reproduced". One mechanic told me the windows would not lower with the key because I had made the SWITCH tired. And then refused to fix it. You can view my videos of the failures of this car on my Namkha Wangmo you tube videos.

:( Have owned tons of VWs, best was 2002 W8 Passat...but NEVER again...they uncategorically suck as a manufacturer.

NOW they offer free servicing. Garbage on wheels.

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