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Hours are inhumane. 12 hr nights/6 in a row/ one night off/long commute is a disaster waiting to happen.

EVERYONE should get 2 nights off after working 6/ 12 hrs in a row! If employee complains of exhaustion, he/she is told to like it or leave it. Maybe a tragedy, followed by a lawsuit [with tv exposure] will change things into a humane place to work? Ceva/Volkswagon of Chattanooga...did you understand?

[There was NO catagory to fit this complaint. Hmmm. Imagine that]

I have grown kids who do not know I'm posting about their situation. But, I'm the one who will get the call when an accident happens.

And, I'm the one who sees them loosing weight, going to sleep driving, having NO family time, No leisure time, showing signs of depression, etc....TOO MANY HOURS & NOT ENOUGH DOWN TIME! Yes!

I'M PISSED! And, intend to take some action!

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I'm sorry that the corporation is so greedy, against unions, which are part of what made the U.S. great, and that VW instead of U.S.

citizens was supported by a member of congress.


its really simple--GET ANOTHER JOB and let someone who's really wanting to work have it--i'm guessing they are getting paid for the work and the over time--or are they working for free?

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